First off, if you haven’t downloaded the extension, please make sure you’ve done so here. Second, here’s what you will see if you click the little V (we call it “dot”) in the bottom left corner of Variance Manager. (You can also always fire it with the keyboard shortcut commend+shift+space.)

Let’s quickly go through the key features of the Overlay:

  1. Search: This typeahead search makes it easy to access any recent work, go directly to your work apps, and even open guides with no clicks.
  2. Recent Activity: This is an easy way to see the recent work you’ve done within that application and also quickly get back to it. (We only display recent activity for certain kinds of work within certain applications.)
  3. Help: If you run into trouble or just have a question, you can always feel free to hit the little (?) on the top right.
  4. Guides: Any guides your team has built will be available to you here. Guides help contextualize the application you’re in, bringing documentation closer to work.
  5. Owner: Finally, in the bottom right you have the “owner” box. This is a bunch of information about this application inside your company including who owns it, what it does, and also links to the app’s documentation if you need help.
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