Now that you've gotten the basic hang of the Overlay, let's check out search. You can pull the Overlay up on any page you're on by either hitting the V in your chrome taskbar or using the keyboard shortcut (command+shift+space). From there you will jump straight to search, so type away ...

  1. Search Box: By default, this will search across all your recent items, guides, and even applications (everything opens directly in a new tab).
  2. Filter Results: You can also just see results for the app you're on by toggling this switch.
  3. Grouped Results: We always group your results. First is recent activity. You can also keep typing and we will narrow them down to just the one you want.
  4. Guides: This is the second group of results.
  5. Keyboard: We tried to build Variance as keyboard-friendly as possible.

Go give it a try!

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