We have our Privacy and Security page and our Privacy Policy page for the most in depth reading. We recommend that you read both in full and feel good about it, if you don't or you have questions, please reach out at: support@variance.com

It’s our aim to be as transparent as possible about our approach to security and maintain a set of principles we hold ourselves to as it relates to the privacy of your data:

  1. We collect a limited amount of data about your interactions. This data includes the time you accessed that page, its URL, and the title of the page you’re interacting with. We do not capture the full page content.
  2. We don’t offer admins any direct access to reports about individuals. All data they can interact with is aggregated at the team or company level to ensure your personal privacy.
  3. We hash your data in our analytics. To add an additional level of privacy, all analytics data is associated with a special code called a hash rather than your name or user ID. Your company can not access this hash, but this helps to ensure anonymity.

In addition to our own principles, we are committed to following the best practice principles of “Privacy by Design”.

If you have concerns or are looking for help to get Variance approved in your organization with your security or IT team, please email support@variance.com and we can most likely help you.

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