Guide Types break down the different common workflows we are seeing from all of you and automatically adjusts the interface accordingly. With that, we hope we’ve reduced a great deal of friction in getting Guides out to your teams.

When you click Create Guide in the Overlay you'll be brought to a screen to choose your Guide Type. You'll also notice that different apps have different recommended Guide Types.

Let's go through each guide type one-by-one.


An Announcement is a way to let everyone know that something has changed within an application. It is a single card Guide that opens as a big card and will open only once anywhere in the app. If you've made configuration changes to fields in Salesforce or Hubspot and want to let the team know or have added new reports to Amplitude, Mode, or Looker, this is a great choice. It will open only the next time your user enters that app.

An example of someone creating an Announcement in


This is the simplest type of Guide. They have one card and add context to a specific page, doc, button, or form field. These are excellent to use alongside a Doc or Report that needs a bit more explanation or within a form in Zendesk, Salesforce, Jira, and the like, as users choose specific options that require a bit more understanding. You can choose to automatically trigger them or have users open them manually.

An example of someone searching for a Note and finding it in Google Drive.


These are shared bookmarks for the whole team. They will be able to easily search or open from the Overlay. Great for important Dashboards or Reports.

An example of creating a Shortcut in Google Drive.


Tours are a great way to move someone through various pages or parts of an application. Each card will take someone to a new page or Doc. The best use case for this is onboarding. Great for use with apps like Confluence or Notion where there are many docs, but not everyone needs to read all of them.

An example of someone walking through a Tour with Notion.


You can do anything with a workflow guide. All other types can be switched to a Workflow.

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