Selecting Fields in Salesforce

While we've mapped many Salesforce fields and buttons, obviously every Salesforce instance is very different. To add Triggers or Highlights to custom fields or ones you don't see in our list you'll need to write a CSS selector (link to our writeup on good selectors). It's on our roadmap to make this process point and click, but we're not there yet. So for now here is a fairly simple pattern you can use.

For fields you should use a selector like this: div.slds-form-element:contains("Company") input where you replace Company with the label of the field. Remember, you'll need to add it to the Guide trigger if you want it to open automatically. You do that by clicking Add Trigger > User Clicks on the Page > Select Your Own and then adding the correct selector:

Guide Library

In addition we've started to build a Guide Library for Salesforce which you can use to install guides, copy them, and edit in your own info. The Guide Library includes a few shortcuts (shared bookmarks for the team) for adding new opportunities, contacts, etc. as well as guides that trigger on creation of new Opportunities, Leads, etc. You can find the Salesforce Guide Library here.

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