Conditional triggers let you display guides based on not just click, but also a specific value found on the page. For instance, you may want to show different guides when someone changes the stage to Closed Won depending on whether it's a New Customer, Upgrade, or a Renewal. To do that we would add a display option on the Closed Opportunity Stage.

Then choose Add condition.

That will open up the Trigger Condition dialog which asks:

  • When: this is where you choose a corresponding value on the page. (Note: not all buttons and elements are available for conditions, if you find something you'd like to use this way please let us know.)
  • Operation: this is where you choose equal to, contains, etc.
  • Value: this is where you choose the value you're going to match on

Here we have found the Opportunity Type field and said it must contain the word Upgrade. When you hit Save you'll see this:

And once you publish the Guide it will only come up when a user Clicks the Closed stage AND the Opportunity Type contains Upgrade.

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